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Friday, 17 February 2012

Germany's president resigns after string of scandals

Blogger Tutorial: Different Backgrounds for Different Pages

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Now that you can easily add multiple pages to your Blogger or Blogspot blog, you might have wondered if you can have a different background for each page, thus giving your pages their own unique look. Good news! You can! And this tutorial will show you how to do it in just one easy step. This tutorial was shared with me by Carolyn M. @ Pat Loves Carolyn. Thanks so much for the cool tip, Carolyn!! :)

Australian university slammed over Malaysian award

Numbered Page Navigation For Blogger New Script

I wouldn't do porn videos again - teacher

Thursday, 16 February 2012

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50% of S'poreans say their partners are bad in bed

Man severes own penis on V-day

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kate Upton is Sports Illustrated cover girl


Model Kate Upton graces the cover of Sports Illustrated 2012 Swimsuit issue.
She's a Florida girl who's comfortable in a bikini, and now 19-year-old model Kate Upton is on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
She wears a tiny red-and-brown, sparkle-covered string bikini with a view of the waters of Australia behind her as she poses for the magazine cover, which is scheduled to be unveiled on TV Monday night onLate Show with David Lettermanon CBS.

First image of bath tub where Whitney died

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Bath ... image shows tub moments after tragic singer was pulled from it 

A PICTURE showing the bath tub where tragic singer Whitney Houston died has emerged in the US.

It was nearly filled to the rim with water. A silver dish — believed to be a gravy boat — can be seen next to the plug hole.
The dish was understood to have been filled with olive oil, which Whitney used to keep her skin soft, according to US showbiz website TMZ.

Making waves: Swimmer makes surprise proposal

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Surprise ... Matt Grevers proposes to Annie Chandler
THIS Olympic swimmer gave his girlfriend the perfect Valentine's gift — by proposing on the winner's podium.

Matt Grevers won the 100-metre backstroke on Saturday night at a Missouri swimming gala.
He waited for the silver and bronze medallists to leave the stand, and dropped to one knee before popping the question to fellow US national swimmer Annie Chandler, 24.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Woman traumatised after swallowing 3cm long needle at dentist

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Suffering from a toothache, a 23-year-old hotel employee went to a dentist, only to narrowly escape death from accidentally swallowing a 3cm long needle which almost punctured her small intestine.
Ms Yang told Chinese daily Wanbao that she visited a dentist for a toothache in her left jaw. As the dentist said the decayed tooth could not be extracted immediately, the dentist used a 3cm long needle to clean the roots of her teeth.

Deaf girl kept in cellar as sex slave

Locked in a cellar where she was allegedly raped and beaten for nearly a decade, a young deaf and mute Pakistani woman told a UK court on Monday how she was trafficked into Britain and forced to work as a virtual slave.

The woman, whose age is not known, said she was around 10 when she was brought to the northern city of Manchester as a domestic servant in 2000.

She cannot be identified for legal reasons.
A Pakistani couple - 83-year-old Ilyas Ashar and his wife, 66-year-old Tallat Ashar - are charged with false imprisonment, human trafficking, sexual offences, violence and benefit fraud.

Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Speaking through an interpreter and using sign language, the woman - thought to be 19 or in her 20s - described how she was allegedly hit with a rolling pin while forced to work for no money, made to sleep on a concrete floor in a bolted cellar and sexually abused.


'I was hypnotised for better sex'

Problem: Suffers from vaginismus and wants better, pain-free sex
Solution: Hypnotherapy
When I first had sex years back, I was so tense it took 15 tries before he could enter.
Since then, I’ve always felt a sharp stab in my vagina during penetration.
I eventually realised my symptoms mirrored vaginismus, a condition in which vaginal muscles clench involuntarily due to fear.
Lately, the pain had become so bad even lubricant didn’t ease it. I’d read that hypnotherapy, a cross between hypnosis and psychotherapy, could help, though
I feared it’d leave me in a zombie-like daze. But I was desperate.

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Nude pics of China's sexiest blogger leaked

A series of nude and sexy photographs of a popular Chinese blogger has been leaked onto the Internet.

The pictures of Yan Hua Meimei (Fireworks Sister) were first posted online by netizens earlier this year.

Very soon, they were circulating like wildfire.
The blogger, Yan Hua Meimei, whose real name remains a secret, re-posted them on her weibo.

Meet the world's 'fattest man' who lives in London

Weighty problem: Keith Martin, who eats eight hotdogs for breakfast, is putting extra strain on the NHS
A Briton who devours eight hotdogs for breakfast has won the dubious accolade of being named the world’s fattest man.

Keith Martin, 42, tips the scales at  58 stone, and is so large that he is bed-ridden.

His needs are putting an extra drain on NHS resources and costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds as he requires an army of 18 medical professionals to look after him, including ambulance staff, carers and nurses.

Eight ambulance workers must be on hand to help hoist his giant frame to a reinforced vehicle for frequent hospital visits close to his home in Harlesden, North-West London.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Birth induced to let dying dad see baby

This will be the only picture of baby Savannah with her father. Mark Aulger died five days after her birth
A couple in Texas, US, induced the birth of their baby girl so that her father could hold her before he died.
The girl's mother, 31-year-old Diane Aulger, had her labor induced in January after her husband, Mark Aulger, was diagnosed with colon cancer in April, theAssociated Press reported.
While Aulger's diagnosis improved after Surgery and chemotherapy, he developed pulmonary fibrosis.

Whitney Houston's death: No foul play; singer found in bathtub, says coroner

The Los Angeles coroner said no foul play is suspected in the death of singer Whitney Houston, confirming her body was found in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel room.

The coroner in Los Angeles said no foul play is suspected in Saturday's death of singer Whitney Houston, whose body was found in a bathtub in her Beverly Hills hotel room, Reutersreported.

Model’s ‘World’s Largest Implants’ Saved Her After Acting As AIRBAG During Serious Car Crash

 A 32-year-old model who held the record for the world’s largest implants has walked away from a car crash after her breasts acted as an airbag.
Sheyla Hershey, who has 38KKK breasts, was driving home near Houston, Texas, after a Super Bowl party on Sunday when she crashed into a tree.
The mother was charged with drunk-driving after the incident and allegedly was not wearing a seatbelt when she lost control of her Ford Mustang.
‘I think my breasts saved my life,’ she told Barcroft Media. ‘The accident was bad and my boobs are sore, but they protected the rest of me.’
Her car spun around and hit a tree during the crash but she denied the drunk-driving charge in court on Monday, reported the Daily Mirror.

Kyle Dyer gets bit by dog live

Max, a 3-year-old Argentine Mastiff, fresh off his rescue from the icy waters of Smith Reservoir, has bit veteran KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer on the face during a segment being filmed at at 9News studios this morning.

Thankfully, 9News reports that Dyer is “currently in fair condition and is being evaluated by the trauma team. She is awake and visiting with family who asked that we thank the community for their immediate outpouring of support.”
The dog, it’s owner and the firefighter involved in the Smith Reservoir rescue Tuesday afternoon were in 9News studios with Dyer for a follow up report on the dramatic rescue, according to The Denver Post. In the videobelow, Dyer is seen kneeling on the floor petting the dog’s neck and getting close to it’s face, when suddenly Max, perhaps still traumatized from the rescue, bares his teeth, lunges and bites Dyer’s face.

Bagaimana untuk menukar NOFOLLOW kepada sifat DOFOLLOW untuk Blogspot

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Perbezaan DoFollow Dan NoFollow?

Salam sejahtera......

Untuk mempelajari ilmu SEO ini kira harus mendalami asas-asas SEO.Sebenarnya banyak perkara asas yang perlu diketahui sebelum korang benar-benar faham akan SEO.Hari ini saya ingin terangkan secara ringkas mengenai DoFollow dan NoFollow.

Apakah No Follow?

Nepal actor welcomes home transgender daughter

KATHMANDU - A top Nepali comedy actor told Sunday how he helped his son become one of the country's first post-operative transexuals and a "perfect lady" with a $26,000 sex change.
Santosh Pant said 18-year-old Caitlin, born as Pratik, was recovering at home in Kathmandu after successful surgery in Thailand last month.
"My son from childhood used to say that his body and soul were not matching each other. He had a male body but he said that his soul was of a female," Pant told AFP.

Video of Bali girl gang hitting ex-member goes viral

The seven members of a Bali teenage motorcycle gang accused her of flirting with a gang member's boyfriend.
The all-girl gang allegedly took the victim, 15-year-old Kiki Ariani, to a secluded spot and assaulted her.
The attack was filmed by a gang member and posted on video-sharing website YouTube.
The 51/2-minute clip quickly went viral, Jakarta Globe reported.

Whitney Houston dead at 48, on eve of Grammys

LOS ANGELES - Grammy-winning pop legend and actress Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday in Beverly Hills, police said. She was 48.
The shock news came as the music industry gathered in Los Angeles for the annual Grammy awards show on Sunday, and a few hours ahead of a traditional pre-Grammys dinner in the hotel where Houston died.
Musicians took to Twitter to pay tribute to the singer, famous for songs including "I Will Always Love You," who had led a public battle with drugs.

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