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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Woman has size 30L natural boobs which won’t stop growing

Looking swell ... but hairdresser Rachel Aldana fears her boobs will keep growing

A woman with the second largest natural breasts in Britain has told how they are still growing by a size every year - and she is too scared to have a reduction.

'I should do it - I'm just far too scared.'

Miss Aldana said her mother had large breasts but had surgery reducing them from 30K to a C.

She added: 'It's torture having these monsters in front of me - the worst thing is they keep growing.' 

Each breast weighs a staggering stone and Miss Aldana fears she might not be able to walk or stand if they keep getting bigger. 

She said: 'Doctors told me ages ago they should have stopped growing well before now. No one knows why they are still growing.

'It doesn't look natural and I'm in constant pain. I need regular massages because of backache.

'I'm worried that eventually I won't be able to walk - or even stand.'

Miss Aldana, who is 5ft6ins, no longer holds the title for the biggest breasts in Britain title after being pipped to the post by 29-year-old Donna Jones who came forward in 2008 with 40M breasts.

But if hers continue to grow she will be Donna's size within a year.

Rachel pictured with her mother who also had large breasts but had surgery to reduce them to a cup size C

She said: 'I went to get them measured last week and they had gone up to a 30L. I couldn't believe it.

'I've spent an absolute fortune on bras and now I've had to purchase more. Because my boobs are so big I have to buy bras online, and they cost a minimum of £40.

    'I've spent thousands on bras since I started developing.

    'I'm 24 years old, I would have thought my breasts would have stopped growing by now.

    'I haven't gained any weight, if anything I've lost a few pounds over the last few years. I'm a size 10 at the waist, but a size 18 up top.'

    Miss Aldana said she had come to terms with her chest size.

    She said: 'In some ways I don't mind having big boobs. 

    'It's nothing to be ashamed of. I just see my breasts as being part of me. It's who I am.

    'I would be proud to have the title of Britain's biggest boobs back. 

    'I used to wear clothes that showed my chest off - but as I get older I am getting more sensible. I usually wear baggy jumpers, but every now and again I like to show them off.

    'Sometimes I do feel like a walking pair of boobs - they are all anyone can see.'



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