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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First image of bath tub where Whitney died

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Bath ... image shows tub moments after tragic singer was pulled from it 

A PICTURE showing the bath tub where tragic singer Whitney Houston died has emerged in the US.

It was nearly filled to the rim with water. A silver dish — believed to be a gravy boat — can be seen next to the plug hole.
The dish was understood to have been filled with olive oil, which Whitney used to keep her skin soft, according to US showbiz website TMZ.

A blue-handled hairbrush can also be seen lying on the side of the bath while a white towel is still underwater.
The photo emerged as it was announce today that Whitney's funeral will take place next Saturday.
The ceremony — sure to be attended by some of the music industry's biggest names — will take place at midday in New Jersey (5pm UK time).

Golden hearse ... Whitney Houston's body has arrived in New Jersey
The service will be held at the New Hope Baptist Chuch in Newark, where the late pop superstar first sang as a child.
Whitney's body arrived in New Jersey today and was transported in a golden hearse after being flown by private jet from Los Angeles.
Mystery still surrounded the cause of her death last night.

Whitney Houston ex Bobby Brown jets to 'suicidal' daughter, 18

But according to reports, her family were told the 48-year-old may have died before she became fully submerged — after consuming a combination of drugs and booze.
The star's body arrived at Whigham Funeral Home in her home state today as plans were under way for the singer's funeral.
The star's family is considering holding her funeral in an 18,000-seat arena on Friday.
And it emerged last night that pill bottles found in her room were from the same pharmacy that supplied Michael Jackson. Cops were reported to have said they were from the Mickey Fine chemists. It was where Jacko got Demerol and other drugs.
One theory also being considered was that singer Whitney had a heart attack caused by a reaction to the binge cocktail.
It is believed only a small amount of water was found in her lungs. Los Angeles cops obtained a search warrant and are said to have found SIX prescription pill bottles — Xanax, Lorazepam, Ibuprofen, Midol, Amoxicillin and Valium.
Night out ... Whitney Houston last week

County coroners will request copies of Whitney's medical records to cross-reference with the prescription bottles, a source told The Sun.
Police could charge anyone who gave Whitney drugs illegally before her shocking death — just as in the case of Jacko's doctor.
Last meal ... remnants of singer's final lunch
The source said: "Investigators will speak to her doctors. Even though it appears to be prescription pills that may have killed her as opposed to illegal street drugs, the authorities need to be satisfied she had these drugs in her possession legally.
"They need to determine that no one is criminally negligent. There could still be charges in this case."
The Sun told yesterday how Whitney went on a 48-hour booze binge before she died. She was shown looking wasted on one of the nights out.
LA's Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter yesterday confirmed the mum of one was found in the bath — but insisted that it was too soon to determine the cause of death before the results of toxicology tests.

He said: "We are awaiting the results of toxicology tests. We do not know yet (the cause of death)." Asked about reports the singer was dead before her head went under the water, Mr Winter said it was too early to be sure — and he had NOT told Whitney's family this.
And yesterday her body was taken from an LA funeral home to a local airport. It is then thought it was loaded aboard a private jet owned by actor Tyler Perry and flown home to Whitney's native New Jersey.
Such drugs were blamed in recent years for killing a string of celebrities — including Jacko, former teen idol Corey Haim, Clueless actress Brittany Murphy and glamour girl Anna Nicole Smith.
Luxury ... bathroom in hotel where star stayed



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