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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Man severes own penis on V-day

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According to Jinghua News, the fruit stall vendor said the man ran to her shop, saying he wanted to buy fruits but instead grabbed a knife, took off his pair of jeans and severed his private part.
Bleeding profusely, he ran around the campus in search of a clinic and found a dentist and asked for anesthetics to ease the pain.
The dentist could not help him because the anesthetic they had was only for teeth, said the report.
Subsequently, the injured man ran to the university hospital where a physician bandaged him up. But because he was badly wounded, they had to send him to a bigger hospital.
En route there, the man fled and was believed to have gone to a hotel building and jumped off. Hotel staff said a man entered the building and went directly to the third floor. No one spoke to him.
Police picked up his penis and sent it to the hospital where the man was being treated. However, the doctors failed to save him because his head and lungs were severely damaged and had lost too much blood.
A friend who knew Zhu said he recently graduated but had no history of mental illness.
Tsinghua University said the deceased man was not a student of the school and that the incident had nothing to do with the university.



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